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Online Store/ Internet Winkel

Last weekend I openend my new online store with my handmade felted clothing and wearable art, so have a look around. If you have any comments and/or questions, please send me a message.

Afgelopen weekend heb ik mijn nieuwe internet winkel geopend met mijn handgemaakte vilten en kunstzinnige kleding. Neem gerust een kijkje. Als er vragen en/ of opmerkingen zijn hoor ik het graag.


Vilten hesje / Felted jacket

Bij het uitleggen van de wol voor het hesje moet ik er rekening mee houden dat de wollen vezels tijdens het vilten krimpen.  Ik werk daarom  met een krimppercentage van 50%. Dit betekent dat ik de gewenste maten verdubbel. Het is de bedoeling dat dit hesje naadloos gevilt gaat worden. De wollen vezels worden daarom zowel aan de voor- als aan de achterkant op een mal uitgelegd.Waar je op de foto tegenaan kijkt is de achterkant .  Ik heb de wollen vezels in verschillende richtingen uitgelegd , de wol zal dan tijdens het vilten ook in  verschillende richtingen krimpen, waardoor er een bepaald model ontstaat. Voor dit hesje heb ik verschillende roodtinten gebruikt om een zo levendig mogelijk geheel te krijgen. Door de verschillende zijden stoffen en de versieringen krijgt het hesje structuur.

Wordt vervolgd………

When I lay down the wool for the jacket I must keep in mind that the wool fibres will shrink during felting. That is why I work with a felting shrinkage of 50%.  So the final measurements have been doubled to get a good result later on. This jacket is going to be felted without any seems. That is why the woollen fibres have been layed down on both sides of  a mould. The side you are looking at on the picture is the rear side of the jacket.  I have been laying down the woollen fibres in different directions, so the wool will also be shrinking in different directions. This is because I want to have a good model for the jacket.

For this particular jacket I have used different kinds of red to obtain a fabric as vividly as a whole. The jacket gets structure by using silk fabrics and all kinds of decorations.

To be continued……..

Dynamisch,Krachtig,Rood-Dynamic, Powerful Red

Ik hoop dat iedereen die dit leest een fijne kerst heeft gehad en ik wens jullie alvast een liefdevol en kleurrijk nieuwjaar.

Om alvast in de kerststemming te komen heb ik z0’n twee weken geleden  een rood hesje voor Sasha gemaakt. Sasha is een van de modellen die vorig jaar een aantal modeshows voor mij heeft gelopen. Zij houdt van mooie, aparte en opvallende kleding en zij koos voor de kleur rood. Sasha is een wintertype en rood versterkt haar uitstraling. Deze kleur past ook heel erg goed bij het model van het hesje. Ik vind het heerlijk om met deze krachtige, dynamische en warme kleur te werken, zeker in deze tijd van het jaar, nu de temperaturen buiten zo dicht rond het vriespunt liggen en de dagen koud en donker zijn.

Vandaag heeft Sasha haar hes opgehaald en het staat haar prachtig. Binnenkort zal ik hier het eindresultaat laten zien.

Eerst wil ik stap voor stap laten zien wat er zoal komt kijken bij het maken van zo’n hesje. Ik heb gemerkt dat er toch nog genoeg mensen zijn die daar geen idee van hebben.  In de loop van een aantal dagen zal ik jullie  een kijkje in mijn “viltkeuken” geven.

Allereerst heb ik de verschillende soorten zijde die ik in het hesje wilde verwerken geverfd. Natuurlijk wilde ik  een krachtig, dynamisch en warm rood. Na een aantal experimenten met de verschillende kleurstoffen is op de foto het resultaat te zien van de verfmenging waarmee ik het meest tevreden was.

I hope that everyone who reads this has had a nice Christmas time and I wish you a loving and colorful New Year.

To get already in the Christmasmood I have made a red jacket for Sasha about two weeks ago. Sasha is one of the models who ran a number of fashion shows for me last year. She loves beautiful, exclusive and conspicuous clothing and she chose for the color red. Sasha is a Winter Type and red strengthens her appearance. This color also fits well with the model of the jacket. I love to work with this powerful, dynamic and warm color, especially in this time of the year, while the temperatures outside are so close to freezing point and the days are dark and cold.

Today Sasha picked up her jacket and it appears wonderful on her. Soon I will show you the result in this blog.

But first I want to show you step by step what is involved in making a jacket. I have noticed that there is still some people who haven’t got an idea. In the course of several days I will give you a “glimpse” in my “feltkitchen”.

First I have painted the different kinds of silk that I wanted to process in the jacket. Of course I wanted a powerful, dynamic, warm red for the silk. So it took me a while and some experiments with the different pigments before I was satisfied. The result you can see on the picture above.

Lost inspiration

Last week I cleared away a lot of things I didn’t need anymore. It was a bit of a mess here in our house, so I felt a bit chaotic. It influenced my work or, frankly speaking,  nothing came out of my hands. So I have been busy in clearing the house. I have not finished yet, but the chaos has gone. It is a bit like autumn, although there are beautiful colors right here around us, like yellows, browns, greens and reds, sometimes because of the wind and the rain, it feels like the same chaotic situation as in my house and in my mind.  But then, almost from one day to another, when the leaves have fallen down, the atmosphere becomes calm and peaceful and then there is INSPIRATION again!


One day, when I had my tea, I, like I do every day, looked at the flowers on my table. I had bought them on the Tuesday market. They reminded me of the garden  I had  in the country some years ago. While I was dreaming a bit about that garden, I was suddenly attracted by the beauty of these flowers in front of me. So I took my camera and, looking through the lens, the flowers became even more beautiful. I forgot everything around me and took these inspiring photos. This could well be the beginning of a new way of felting.

Dyeing wool

Yesterday, when I was wondering what I would tell you in my brand-new blog, I got a bit excited.  There is so much in my work that I am enthusiastic about. I almost didn’t know where to start. So I thought writing about dyeing en showing some colors would be a nice introduction. After all what would we be without colors in our lives?
Anyway,  I wish you a lot of pleasure and inspiration when reading my blog and I would like to invite you to give your comment, any comment.

A while ago someone asked me why I dye some of my wool and silk myself? “There is so much colored wool on the market, it is a lot of work, difficult to get exactly the colors you want and there is a risk that the wool felts too much”, she said.
And yes, that is true, but it is almost like magic to create your own colors and I would not want to miss this process.
Well, summer is the right time for me for dyeing, because  we have a lot of space outside and not to forget, a huge PARTY TENT in which I can dye in any (weather) condition. I use dyes with an Ökotex hallmark because I want to consider the environment and it fits within working with natural materials.
Last week the dyeing party took place. I had an idea of creating a collar. I also wanted to dye some white collars I made out of wool from different kinds of sheep.  I decided to  rainbow dye a certain amount of merino wool and silk for the collar and to dye the white collars in one color. As I can make any color I want out of Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Turquoise  I don’t need to buy other colors.
Below you can see the results of the dyeing party (click on the pictures for enlargements). Soon you will find a picture of the rainbow dyed collar on my website, or perhaps in my blog.

Rainbow dyed wool

Rainbow dyed silk

Part of the fabric, felted from the rainbow dyed wool. In the enlargement you can see some very beautiful shades of blues, greens, purples and reds.

Rainbow dyed wool

Details of a collar

Details of a collar

Hello everybody

My blog will soon start here. In the meantime you may visit one of my sites through a link (see: Interesting Links).

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Felt fabric / Filz Stoff / Vilten stof