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Felted Necklace/ Vilten Halssieraad

This wet felted and hand dyed necklace is made of the finest merinowool and silkl. On its leaves it has three gemstones; Onyx  This necklace has a very special closure which you can wear sideways as well as  back.


Dit hand gevilt en hand geverfd halssieraad is gemaakt van zeer fijne merinowool en zijde. Op de bladeren zijn halfedelstenen bevestigd; Onyx. Dit halssieraad heeft een bijzondere sluiting die je zowel aan de zijkant als aan de achterkant kunt dragen.


Dyeing wool

Yesterday, when I was wondering what I would tell you in my brand-new blog, I got a bit excited.  There is so much in my work that I am enthusiastic about. I almost didn’t know where to start. So I thought writing about dyeing en showing some colors would be a nice introduction. After all what would we be without colors in our lives?
Anyway,  I wish you a lot of pleasure and inspiration when reading my blog and I would like to invite you to give your comment, any comment.

A while ago someone asked me why I dye some of my wool and silk myself? “There is so much colored wool on the market, it is a lot of work, difficult to get exactly the colors you want and there is a risk that the wool felts too much”, she said.
And yes, that is true, but it is almost like magic to create your own colors and I would not want to miss this process.
Well, summer is the right time for me for dyeing, because  we have a lot of space outside and not to forget, a huge PARTY TENT in which I can dye in any (weather) condition. I use dyes with an Ökotex hallmark because I want to consider the environment and it fits within working with natural materials.
Last week the dyeing party took place. I had an idea of creating a collar. I also wanted to dye some white collars I made out of wool from different kinds of sheep.  I decided to  rainbow dye a certain amount of merino wool and silk for the collar and to dye the white collars in one color. As I can make any color I want out of Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Turquoise  I don’t need to buy other colors.
Below you can see the results of the dyeing party (click on the pictures for enlargements). Soon you will find a picture of the rainbow dyed collar on my website, or perhaps in my blog.

Rainbow dyed wool

Rainbow dyed silk

Part of the fabric, felted from the rainbow dyed wool. In the enlargement you can see some very beautiful shades of blues, greens, purples and reds.

Rainbow dyed wool

Details of a collar

Details of a collar