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Felted Collar/Vilten Kraag

I felted this very special collar from the hand dyed wool with silk I showed you a while ago on my blog. This felted collar has beautiful green, blue and red colors. It is a pity you cannot see that very well on the photo.  My experience is that particularly the analogous colors like, in this felted collar,  see blue and sea green, are always difficult  shooting. The felting was an experiment. However I am very pleased with the result. I am going to examine what I can do more with this technique. I hope to show you some of these experiments soon.

Ik heb deze bijzondere kraag gevilt van de handgeverfde wol met zijde die ik je een tijdje geleden op mijn blog heb laten zien. Deze vilten kraag heeft  mooie groene, blauwe en rode kleuren.  Het is jammer dat je dat niet zo goed op de foto kunt zien. Het zijn met name de analoge kleuren,  zoals in deze vilten kraag, zeeblauw en zeegroen, die zich moeilijk laten fotograferen. Het vilten was een experiment. Over het resultaat ben ik echter erg tevreden. Ik ga onderzoeken wat ik nog meer met deze techniek kan doen. Binnenkort laat ik hier wat van deze experimenten zien.


Art market

Last week I told you I had an idea for a collar I wanted to make out of my rainbow dyed wool. This idea was a bit vague in the beginning, but while looking at the colors en playing a bit with the wool, it became more clear to me and in several hours a metamorphosis took place (see the picture).

That is what I like so much about working with these materials. They invite me to work in an organic way.

Yesterday we did a photoshoot with my latest work. Our photographer took about 100 pictures for 21 new objects and I am very happy with the results. In a while you will find most of them on my website (see: Interesting Links).

This week I am very busy in preparing my work for the Art Market at the end of August in Ootmarsum (Netherlands). You might visit their website for a preview. I am always looking forward to this market because it is a very inspiring and lively event which will be visited by a lot of people from different European countries. On this market you can see a variety of work from all kinds of artists. I love to be there and I hope that you will come too. I will only be present on Sunday, August 29 because I have a workshop on the other days, but perhaps we will meet then.