Art market

Last week I told you I had an idea for a collar I wanted to make out of my rainbow dyed wool. This idea was a bit vague in the beginning, but while looking at the colors en playing a bit with the wool, it became more clear to me and in several hours a metamorphosis took place (see the picture).

That is what I like so much about working with these materials. They invite me to work in an organic way.

Yesterday we did a photoshoot with my latest work. Our photographer took about 100 pictures for 21 new objects and I am very happy with the results. In a while you will find most of them on my website (see: Interesting Links).

This week I am very busy in preparing my work for the Art Market at the end of August in Ootmarsum (Netherlands). You might visit their website for a preview. I am always looking forward to this market because it is a very inspiring and lively event which will be visited by a lot of people from different European countries. On this market you can see a variety of work from all kinds of artists. I love to be there and I hope that you will come too. I will only be present on Sunday, August 29 because I have a workshop on the other days, but perhaps we will meet then.


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